Thursday, December 21, 2006

New firmware for E61 smartphones

My Nokia E61 got new firmware (3.0.633.09.04). Changes are:

  • Faster UI performance
  • Faster web browsing
  • If you accidentally press the voice record button on the side the application launches but doesn't start to automatically record like before!
  • SMS sending now faster
  • Changes to Internet Telephony Application
  • Better IMAP handling

Some of things you should be awared of

Backup all you have to memory card and to computer. Know, that non of your 3d party sis and java applications will remain

Don't be fool and use Nokia Phone Software Updater to update your phone. You do not need Nokia service provider

All password information (e.g. exchange push, blackberry, etc..) will lost most of settings. Be ware, that you should remember them

If you have problems, use *#7370# for hard reset

You should know your memory card password. After restart you'll have to enter it. Esli you lost all your information.

You should know default PINs for your bluetooth devices. Neither of them will remain paired.

That's it. Happy Symbian to all

UPD Almost forgot about lock code. It become 12345 (as by default). Remember, that default input method is ABC, so press the blue key to enter numbers.

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