Thursday, June 07, 2007

The first full time WPF training is over

Today, for the first time since Hi-Tech college days about seven years ago, I teaches full day dev session. It was about WPF and covered all information from fundamentals to interop. I can tag this session as "Learn to understand and write WPF in eight ours" (cool name, indeed). Here the list of topics were covered:

  • Fundamentals (30 min)
  • 2D graphics (40 min)
  • Tools (15 min)
  • Styles, Templates and Resources (60 min)
  • Data Binding (60 min)
  • Animation (60 min)
  • Interop (30 min)

It also includes some demos (cannot without it) and 4 hand-on labs. So, pure 8 hours of WPF studying for those who know briefly what WPF is about, but still can not understand what and how to do with it. 

According audience feedback - the session was great, at least, now they know to write WPF well-designed application without putting all stuff should be in XAML to code-behind.

Sunday evening I'm going to teach they designers how to use Blend in 4 hours. So, if I'll count total amount of sessions for near time, I already spoke last 3.5 full days for three clients and going to speak another 1.5 days for two others. My voice is almost over, but I'm happy for all those who attend and now can use WPF for their real development without myself to make them code review and give negative feedbacks about developers' compulsions to write everything in C# (VB/Java) instead of using XAML markup :)

I know, that I have to release next beta versions of Vista Battery Saver, promised for last week. So now, when I have all those sessions done and ready for next a couple of days, I can finally do it. Hallelujah! :) 

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