Monday, July 02, 2007

Shame, shame you, Microsoft

I came to the Blogference, for Microsoft (especially for yosit)  only and what I got? Two video recording sessions, two photo shots, one simple pen with old (white) Live logo, one Google t-short and non of Microsoft's... Yossit promised me a t-shirt with my blog address for each tag I put in my blog and funky trousers for each post, everyone got, but me. What's the shame! I told, them, that I do not want to write anymore and 'll going to work for Google, not because I was bribed by them, but because they black t-shorts much more stylish, that whites of Microsoft. The only thing can change my mind is giving me all possible types of MS t-shirts.

The only good thing happened there is a conversation with Om Malik about how to feed money from all my blogs. The answer was, that I cannot, but who cares?


Now if you have read all of this evil stuff, only you love me. Thus, please, tell me what you want to see in this blog (only in case, that MS will give me all things required). What topics are more interesting for you and what are less.Thank you for your participation in my troubles...

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