Thursday, October 11, 2007

WPF perf sessions is over and results are coming. What's new (in performance case) in .NET 3.5 and 3.0 SP1

After WPF performance sessions is over, one of WPF performance PMs, Josef Goldberg discovered in his blog about what are good news, will come with WPF (3.5 and 3.0/SP1). Here come the list:

  • Animation smoothing improvements (finally, it'll use DWM engines)
  • Layered Windows Improvements - fix was released about three months ago. This one will be included as well in SP1
  • Data Binding improvements - XMLDataSource will work faster
  • Coldstart time (hmmm, sounds strange, due to fact, that delays mostly come from CLR, not from WPF. But who knows)
  • Workset - less (or more???) space for future possibilities?
  • Software rendering improvements. We'll finally be able to do it manually.
  • Battery life improvements - well, not sounds good :)

But the real good news, that we where sounded. And this is the real value of this event.

Tnx, Yossi :)

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