Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Windows Mobile does not sound alarms / my Windows Mobile alerts whenever it want to alert

Many of Windows Mobile users are suffering from different problems, related to clocks, alarms and reminders. This problem exists almost in all Windows Mobile systems (Windows Mobile 2003, WM5, WM6, etc).  Why this happens and how to take care on it?

There root of this problem is something called "Notification Queue". The main propose of it is to run tasks and activate alarms and reminders at scheduled times, particularly when the device is in standby or low power mode.  There are a lot of problems with this module - troubles with alarm and reminders, which not working, or, alternatively, playing not in time after device reboot.

There are some bugs, reported to Microsoft and one of topmost requests from the next version of Windows Mobile is to produce more reliable alarm clock. 

For some reason, there is very little information about working with notifications queue in internet. There is absolutely no information about it in MSDN. And a lot of misinformation all over the network. I gathered up all I can from anywhere and now, I know what the cause for problems with alarms, alerts, notifications and reminders in Windows Mobile systems. I also learned how to fix it.

The root problem of notification queue is duplicate entries, produced by different applications, such as clock, ActiveSync, Alert, missed calls notifies and more. Windows mobile has no tools to treat this problem.

I build such tool and called it AlarmFixWM. It scans your Windows Mobile system for duplicate entries in notification queue and eliminate them. All you have to do, is do download it, put it into one of directories inside your mobile device (no installation), then run and hit Scan button. The program will do all the rest.


If you are not suffering from problem, related to Windows Mobile alerts, do not use this application.

I'd be happy to hear your feedbacks (also, if you want to learn more about this problem, you can ask me). And don't forget to backup your device before using this program!

Are there other tools, doing the same work? Yes, there are two: MemMaid and SKTools. Both are commercial and doing much more (cleaning your device inside). If all you want, is to get rid of wrong or not occurred alarms, AlarmFixWM is all you need.

Download AlarmFixWM (12.1k) >>

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