Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How to build cool games by using XNA framework

This TechEd, me and Alex will explain how to make XNA, WPF and {censored} work together to develop entertainment stuff easier. In spite of the fact, that we'll explain a little about XNA core, it makes cense (if you want to know) to learn it yourself.

Trust me, XNA is brilliant framework, that makes you able to build games easier. You have not know DirectX or C++ in order to build your own WoW, Resident Evil, GTA or Halo. All you have to do is to visit, download XNA Game Studio 2 and start programming your own game, that will run on your PC and XBOX.

Already done it and still do not know how to start? Let Dan to teach you. Visit his great video series about XNA development. Still frustrated and want to know more? Come and s ee me at TechEd'08 Eilat.


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zagor said...

so it's possible to make WPF and XNA working together? Do you have some hints learnt to suggest where to start to achieve it?