Monday, April 16, 2007

Now it's official - WPF/E=SilverLight

New "flash killer" is here and this time it's serious. Today at NAB conference, Microsoft announced and demonstrates it's next generation cross-platform web technology Microsoft Silverlight. Actually, it's totaly rebranded WPF/E . Microsoft Silverlight will enable content providers to deliver media experiences and rich interactive applications that incorporate media, graphics, animation, and much, much more with full application functionality on both Windows and Mac platforms and inside IE, Firefox and Safari. Silverlight users will also enjoy compatibility with the broad ecosystem of Windows Media (VC-1) enabled tools and solutions, including existing and upcoming IIS and Windows Streaming Media server technologies.

So it comes with new server side products - Expression Media Encoder, IIS7 Media Pack and broadcast system. You can learn more about this new technology here.

Also, there are some interesting comparison tables between WPF, SilverLight and Flash at MED blog as well as at off. site of this platform.


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