Thursday, April 26, 2007

RTL and LTR in Windows Live Writer

Someone is crying for a couple of days about text direction support in WLW. I decided to help all those, who have to wait for MS to understand, that there are right-to-left languages in the market, that even with really good HTML/RichText control we should support it. So, I decided to write simple plugin for Live Writer and change the direction of input to RTL or LTR, send Change Input Language signal to the workspace and add two magic tags, Yossi is very worry about dir="rtl" and align="right". So, start blogging easily, Hebrew men :)


P.S. Due to bug with v1.0.1(6) [the official release], after clicking "Insert RTL Block" or "Insert LTR block", you should click the workspace to get back and write. In next build, this annoying bug will be fixed.

Download Text Direction Change Plugin for Windows Live Writer.

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