Friday, November 16, 2007

DIY: How to replace your Dell Latitude D820 keyboard for only $13.99

  Well, after my fight against Dell Israel and Omnitech, I decided to replace my keyboard my self. The keyboard was ordered via official Dell US website for only $13.99 (inc. P&P)


It took about a week to arrive and now I'm ready to start replacement process.


You'll need two wrenches like those.


First of all, you should shut down your computer and remove it's battery




Next, by using plastic scribe or small wrench remove front hinge cover.




After the hinge removed, you'll get an access to three screws in the top side of the keyboard and small plug. Unplug it.




Then remove screws.



After the screws removed, rotate your laptop by 90 degrees and pull the keyboard forward up to remove it.


Turn the keyboard upside down. You discover the plug, that connects the keyboard. Unplug it by pulling it up.



And remove the old keyboard. Now replace the old with new one and plug it back.


Put the new keyboard to it's place and push it down from the upper side and both right and left side to secure it in place. Do it gently to avoid scratches.


Replace all three screws and upper plug.


Put the hinge cover back by pushing it gently


And you done.



You just save $121.01. Not bad does not it? Thank you, local thieves, and know, who spares the bad, injures the good. However, here in Israel, an open door may tempt a saint.

Be good men and have a nice weekend.


Chris Heller said...

Nice writeup. Timely since I need to replace mine.

Where did you actually find the replacement keyboards on the Dell website though?

All that they seem to want to sell me is external keyboards. Their replacement parts selection process isn't being helpful :-)


Tamir Khason said...

you should look for part number on Dell US website

Chris Heller said...

I can't quite make out the part number from the picture. Do you still have the part number handy?

If not, then I'm assuming that I can find it by taking the old keyboard off.


Kevin said...

Refurbished: 87-Key Dual Pointing Keyboard
Usually Ships 3-4 Days
Manufacturer Part# UC172
Dell Part# UC172

JTelander said...

Thanks for the writeup.

The only step I couldn't follow was removal of the hinge cover. Can you elaborate on how that is done?

I've ordered the keyboard from Dell. Did they provide any instructions?.


BobF said...

Followed your instructions...they worked great...a little more examples on removing the hinge cover would help, but just prying it up carefully worked.

Chris Perabo said...

I need to do the same thing. Thing is, I'm in Netherlands. I'll check to see what I can do to get the part here. Thanks for the write-up though - I'll try it out.

rkreider said...

Nice job. It even came with pictures! Glad this was around as I needed to remove a keyboard to clean it. Thanks a lot!

AnthonyHG said...

Thanks a lot, that was really helpful. Replaced mine in under 5 mins thanks to you!

Aslak said...

Thanks :) Needed to replace the keyboard on two old D820's. Your guide was very helpful.

Deborah said...

Thanks heaps for this! Your post encouraged me to get a replacement keyboard and do the job myself. Easy peasy...the hardest part was getting those pesky little screws back in :)

John said...

I did everything you said, hands are too big to pull that tiny plug just after I got the cover off, I used a needle nose pliers and broke some of the I have to replace that plug...but the good part is, your instructions were really easy and with pictures really helped. Thanks.

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