Monday, November 05, 2007

Release dates: Visual Studio 2008, .NET framework 3.5 and Microsoft Sync Framework

Great news: VS2008 RTM and the final version of .NET framework 3.5 will be available by the end of this month (November). That's what was committed by Soma today at TectEd in Barcelona. This is really cool and means, that RC version is almost similar to RTM.

The other great news, is that there is new product "Microsoft Sync Framework" - a synchronization platform, that works with Live services and Popfly will be available aside this package. \

So what is "Sync Framework"?

· The first CTP of the Microsoft Sync Framework demonstrates Microsoft’s ongoing investments in synchronization and builds on the synchronization functionality available in Visual Studio 20008. With Visual Studio 2008 developers can rapidly take advantage of offline synchronization capabilities to sync-enable applications and services easily with rich designer support. 

· The Microsoft Sync Framework extends the support featured in Visual Studio 2008 to also include offline and peer-to-peer collaboration using any protocol for any data type, and any data store.

· This is part of Microsoft’s long term commitment to providing synchronization for partners and ISVs who can embed the Sync Framework into their applications easily to create rich sync-enabled ecosystems that allow any type of data to follow their customers wherever they go

What is Popfly Explorer?

· Web developers and Popfly users need an easy way to add Silverlight gadgets built in Popfly to their Web pages, as well as publish HTML Web pages directly to Popfly

· To enable this kind of easy customization, Microsoft today announced that Popfly Explorer will provide deeper integration into Visual Web Developer Express. Now developers can now design Web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and publish those pages directly to Popfly (server-side code is not supported)

· The Visual Studio/Visual Web Developer 2008 integration makes it easy to add Popfly mashups built in Silverlight to your Web page. Making your personal Web site look cool just got a lot easier


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