Friday, December 21, 2007

Learning marathon - December 23-29

Do you want to know WPF, Silverlight or it's architecture or appliance and you are in Israel next week? If so, please keep reading. Next week (Dec 23-29) it's going to be a lot of workshops, courses and other learning attractions, related to those technologies.

  • 24-Dec [4:00PM-8:00PM] - Architects user's group "Architects Forum Meeting - User Experience - Architecture and Technologies Dillemas" in Microsoft Israel (2, haPnina str, Ra'anana). The place to discuss with me + light dinner
  • 25-Dec [9:30AM-4:30PM] - "WPF training for designers" in Sela college (14, Baruch Hirsh str., Bnei Brak). If you are designer and want to stop getting rejects from developers, you should attend. You'll learn how to use efficiently Microsoft Expression tools and begin to designing real applications. What's in agenda?
    • What is UX? (Developers are strange nation)
    • Expression Design (It’s not Adobe)
    • Expression Blend (We do not need those strange designers)
    • Windows Experience (Visual Studio is old and bad tool)
    • Hands On Labs (Let’s make it work)
  • 26-Dec [8:30AM-1:30PM] - "Microsoft technologies appliance in C2 and military systems" in Microsoft Israel (2, haPnina str, Ra'anana). You'll hear about real world real time and near real time applications, command and control systems, and using WPF, Silverlight, Windows Server and .NET technologies to build them. If you are working in military industry - you have to attend. Lunch and dinner included.
    • Modern C&C systems, using new technologies (me)
    • mCore as C2 framework (Eli Arlozorov)
    • Israel Navy as C2 and WPF successful case study (Lior Rozner)
  • 27-Dec [9:30AM-4:30PM] - "Silverlight training for designers" in Sela college (14, Baruch Hirsh str., Bnei Brak). If you are designer and want to start writing Silverlight applications, you should attend. One day session to start work in Silverlight, by using Microsoft Expression suite. Agenda
    • How to start project (developers understand nothing)
    • Prepare assets (make developers not interrupt you)
    • Expression Blend how to (if I know Adobe, I already know it)
    • Make it moving (Adobe Flash is my friend)
    • Make it play (You are producer)
    • Fundamentals (make you understand developers)
    • How to finish project (developers understand nothing)

Not bad, ah? You should register @ Microsoft [send me an email if you have registration problem] to attend any of those events (it's free, if there are places). See you there and have a good weekend.

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