Saturday, December 01, 2007

What did they smoke? (these are actual MSDN articles)

After publishing KB support article about unattended classical music, played by BIOS in Windows systems, I got an email from one of my friends with dozen (actually 20) of other real KBs, confirmed by Microsoft as known issues. Here it comes - what did they smoke, approving such stuff?

Q303969: How to Work with More Than 64,000 Children Per Parent

Q189826: PowerPoint Centimeters Different from Actual Centimeters

Q282850: Cookies Lost After Upgrading to Windows XP

Q811443: The Italian Proofing Tools Make a Potentially Offensive Suggestion

Q178748: SATAN Causes High Memory Utilization in WUSER32

Q133357: Differences Between Temporary and Permanent Relationships

Q259754: Invalid Page Fault If a Player Shoots the Moon " may receive the following error message if a player successfully shoots the moon...

Q269916: Office Assistant Makes Sudden Loud Noise

Q191241: Money: Stuck in Endless Loop When Reading Statement from Broker

Q145674: How Long Does it Take to Set Up Pregnancy and Child Care

Q138990: No Ball on Table in 3D Pinball

Q206145: Random Characters Appear in Network Adapters List

Q106121: Sleeping Server Stops Responding to Requests

Q244763: Access Violation Under High Cursor Stress

Q170433: Cannot Stop Ignoring a Person in a Whisper Box

Q264443: Wall Will Not Glue or Is Not Cleaned Up “Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article”

Q143366: ErrMsg: Solar System Needs More Memory to Run

Q227925: Access Violation When Sending One Million Faxes on VFSP Device

Q167705: Talking Loudly into Microphone May Cause Disconnect

Q811544: Holidays Available Only Through 2005 Calendar Year “This behavior is by design.”


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