Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm leaving consulting field - joined new project for full time

Dear readers,

I leaved mPrest, the company, I worked for last 5 years and joined the project, that aspires to make the World better. Currently, I cannot disclosure too much, but briefly, I will not consult and manage client's projects anymore. This does not mean, that I'm quitting Microsoft and it's technologies, I'm just beginning to develop product(s).

Also, I'll keep blogging. It will be probably less "problem solutions" and more "how the stuff works", but actually, I'll blog less. In addition, I promised to Microsoft, that I'll contribute some of my time for community activities such as lectures, QnA sessions, presentations and open source activities. But this will be only small part of my time. Mainly, I'll work to accomplish my project.

All my contact information remains the same, so, if you have urgent questions, you can ask. Also, if you want to be in touch more, you can follow me in Twitter.

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Thank you, and keep reading...

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