Friday, March 02, 2007

Good Icons editor

Lack of VS icon editor? You are not alone. Recently I looked for freeware program to create and edit icons and I found one. Let me introduce IcoFX. Sufficient features and useful interface. I was disappointed, that the program has installer, but it can run from Disk-On-Key as well (either open msi and pick it out or install-copy exe-uninstall)

Here is the list of this soft features:

  • Vista support
  • Alpha channel support
  • Bach processing
  • Some effects (not really useful)
  • Support for icons upto 255X255X32bit
  • Import/Export (from assemblies as well with transparency support)
  • Blur or Sharp brush edges (this one is extremely important for icons creation)
  • Rotatings
  • File types conversion (with PNG support)

The really missing future - stroke, but anyhow, the program is great. Download and use it

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