Sunday, March 11, 2007

Israel? It's beside our propose... The Dell story

I got my new Dell Latitude D820 a couple of month ago (after the announcement about Dell's Express Upgrade to Windows Vista. Right after I got it, I checked the site with the computer service tag to be sure eligible for upgrade program. So, I was. Working fluently with my new Dell with Beta and RTM versions (first internals and then MSDN) I was really happy (the first thing I did, after purchase is to format disks with pre-installed Windows XP Pro SP2, which I paid for). So, some way after the official announcement about Windows Vista release, I called the retailer, I purchased the laptop to ask about upgrade. The first answer was: "We do not know anything about it, please contact local Dell office for additional information".

I called them and, sure, was redirected to distributor. I sent a message (using my google account) to Dell's local office and wait for about a month for them to reply, that I never got. So, after another call, I sent another mail (this time using my work address in Microsoft) with the same question. Hurrah!, I got an answer from Shlomy Quarter from Dell as following (hebrew):


תמיר שלום,

מדיניות השדרוג אינה חלה על ישראל בשלב זה, מכיוון שהמידע לא הגיע אליך במעמד הרכישה חברת אומניטק תשדרג לך תוך כדי חיוב בדמי המשלוח בלבד כפי שמתוארים באתר.

אנא פנה אל מאיר או עמית בחברת אומניטק בנושא.

Best Regards,


Wow, why you, Shlomo, did not sent me the same email to account? The regular client, paid for new Dell computer is not important enough? The client should come from big company to get any response for his after-purchase query?

A couple of hours after this email, I checked another time my Dell service tag for eligibility of the upgrade. Sure it was not, but I have a screenshot a month ago, where the same service tag was eligible. Strange, don't you think? Another computer, purchased earlier in US is still eligible system for this upgrade, I tell you more, I got a disk with an upgrade to my Israel postal address about two weeks after global lunch of Windows Vista.

So, according Dell, all those who purchased new Dell computer here, is Israel are really different customers, then all those who purchased in USA? Don't this seemed a bit strange, or, maybe Dell is really different here? Don't them? All of us are beside there propose, or not?

P.S. I'm really do not need this upgrade, due? I have both internals and MSDN versions, but the Principe is matter... 

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