Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How to set your mobile modem to work without dialer

So, all those happy owners of Orange GSM modem Novatel Merlin U740 and Windows Vista already paid their attention to bugs of it's software dialer MobiLink. Someone called to Orange customer service to get answers, and understand, that their are not officially support Windows Vista. Someone get new drivers (via YouSendIt.com - please someone tell my why Orange can not just put those drivers to their website). But even the new version of Mobilink is really junk

I believe, that  most of you have problem while entering Stand by or Hibernate mode after using the MobiLink dialer, while the dialer can not  properly close itself at all this what you see (after the dialer close) in process manager

So, how to solve it? How to set your modem work with access points you want without using their dialer. No problem. Let's do it.

All we have to do is to create two regular dialers for two possible orange 3G access point - UInternet and UWap (as well as configured in your mobile phone). But before creating a dialer let's put all setting inside the modem? How it's possible? Novatel Merlin U740 is very good hardware modem. It has it's own memory able to save upto 100 network locations.

So, open HyperTerminal (oh, my godness, there is not hyper terminal in Windows Vista, so open Putty, IMHO, the best open source terminal, SSH, and telnet client) and connect the COM port your modem sits in. Obvious, that you should have you modem in and connected (see in phone and modem options what com port it sits on)

Now in terminal windows type "at+cgdcont=?" (without quotes) to get your modem capabilities. You can see, that you have 1 upto 99 "IP" locations. Let's use slot one and two. Don't you want check what the modem has saved before usage? Sure, type "at+cgdcont?" to get this information.

Now let's put our location in slot 1 and 2. Type (case sensitive, two separate lines):

Done, now you have UINTERNET access point configures in slot 1 and UWAP in slot 2. Check this by typing "at+cgdcont?" (no quotes). If you see following - you did it!

The only thing we have to do is to tell your dialer use first or second (or both) slot. To do it add to default service center phone number ***X#, where X - your slot number. So to use UWAP, enter "*99***2#" (without quotes).  Please remember to have you modem in and selected for this connection while setting it.

Dunno. Don't forget to set proxy server ( in IE's Internet Options for UWAP AP. For UInternet you don't need to do it.

That's all folks, now plug your modem in and dial the required connection by using Windows Vista Connection Manager and forget the buggy MobiLink.

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