Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blend 2 September preview is available for download

Good present for Ramadan, new refreshment of Blend 2 - September preview is up and ready for your downloads. New features:

  • VS2008 beta 2 full support
  • Creation of Controls from existing objects - reuse them all.
  • Some enhancements with Split View - now you can see Design and Code both as well as you can do it in Visual Studio
  • Storyboard picker - the old Storyboard panel has been thrown and replaced with brand new storyboard picker. Now you can duplicate, reverse or delete existing storyboard or easy modify its properties.
  • Aside with new storyboard picker, now you have properties panel both for all sotryboard or single frame.
  • New functionality - 3D Vertex animation
  • Long awaited Breadcrumb bar
  • Subsetting and embedding fonts within your application (EULA awarded)
  • New build options - how you can create custom builds for better integration with Visual Studio
  • New abilities of object manipulation - uniformly resize, scale, rotate multiple objects, resizing handlers at artboard. Easy object duplication by dragging with Ctrl-P pressed.

Great work! Full list of changes, screenshots and video demos are here. Download page is here.

Have a nice week... As for me, Jewish New Year begun with someone who burglarized my car and stole my wallet. Now I'm without ID, credit cards and all my international SIMs, but I'll be fine (I believe so...)

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