Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Find similar images on your computer with Duplicate Images Finder

I wrote a lot of image (and not only image) processing algorithms. Most of them were for military proposes. Almost all of them are not secret, so why not to use war technologies for peace manners? Sitting one of those long evenings, I wrote a simple application, that seeks for similar (not by name of cause) images in your hard disk and make you able to delete them. I will not explain the search algorithm here, but post the application for free download. Try it, use it and tell me what you think about.


Following examples of images found by this application.




The algorithm used is not optimized for such operations, thus it takes about one minute to find first duplicate in directory of 200 images 2048X1536. Final result comes after about three minutes.

Maybe in the future, I'll optimize those algorithms for everyday use. It depends only on you, my readers, wish to tell me about how the application is.

To use: Run application, browser for start directory or drop directory from windows explorer and hit Search. After results will arrive, select original image from the left and duplicate from the bottom. If you wish to delete one or both of them, hit red cross under each one of those images. Happy use. Don't forget to tell me how it was.

Download Duplicate Image Finder>> (200k, no installation required)


vicarious1 said...

Hello. I come across your poste and free software offer. Looks very impressive. Thanks for all the work.
I use WIN Vista home edition( actually hate it , but it came free with my latest PC purchase with a giant 24" LCD screen.
I am a photo fanatic and have over 300.000 Digital photos. My MAIN problem is that over the past years since my 1st 1.3mpix camera ( now I am at 10mpixel) I have lost several times due to hard disc faliure many pics. So now I wrote all onto 50+DVDs.
But there still I have a lot of doubles somehow as I work from 2 LAP and one PC with several HD _+-1TB all together.
So having saved several times the same things onto the DVD I still keep on 500G harddisc with all the DVD content on it with the hope to CLEAN out doubles and RE WRITE clean DVD's with NO doubles.
Your software will it give me the choice to CHOOSE which pic to keep or not ? I'd be most willing to keep you updated on HOW it performed etc if this helps you in return. I think my pics will be a BIG project and will take many days and hours to do.I can show you IN TIME one file with all the directories open screen shot and put into on jpg .. this is how I search for Pictures as I still find Picasa etc slow ,Bye4now Vic

Tim said...

Hi, where can I read about how to write my own image search code? Any tips? Or would you be happy to show your source code? Many thanks in advance.